Wine Tasting Tour

After our Hot Air Balloon we boarded a party bus and began our wine tasting tour. This was the first wine tour experience for us. Yes we are wine-ers, in my words that means I’m not a professional when it comes to wine tasting but I do enjoy it. The tour took us to 5 different vineyards. I think we couldn’t have chosen a better location to tour. Every place we visited we learned the story behind each vineyard. Everything was timed so well that we also had enough time to peruse the vineyards on our own and of course SHOP! Between wine tours we even had lunch served to us. Towards the end of the tour our driver stopped at landmarks on the side of the road so we could take pictures too.

The 5 wineries: Grgich Hills Estate, Beaulieu Vineyard , Black Stallion Winery, Rutherford, and Andretti Winery.

Out of the 5 vineyards we couldn’t stop being so mesmerized with Grgich Hills Estate that we went back 2 days later and became members. I had to cross off “grape stomping” from my check list and I DID! But trust me I’m totally ok that wine is not made that way anymore. We even got Grgich Hill souvenir shirts to step our grapey foot prints on it too! We did not only fall in love with the wine but that warm family ambiance throughout the estate which found its way to our hearts.

Did you do a wine tasting in Napa or maybe somewhere else? Do you recommend a winery that I should visit? Share your comments with me. Me ke aloha, SIMPLY SHANA




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