Destination: Ft. Benning, GA.

In May 2016 Brian told me about a Title 10 position that he was interested in applying for. He mentioned that this job would expect a lot of dedication from him and he also might be gone from time to time but I was all for it. From day one when I met him I supported him just as much as he supported me in any and everything he wanted accomplish (he never let me down). I was excited for a change. But at the same time I was thinking what are the chances for us to get picked up out of lots that applied…

By July 2016 we were offered the position in Fort Benning, Georgia and was also told we would need to be there in October 2016. We didn’t expect this to happen so fast, well I didn’t expect this to happen so fast. Before we accepted this opportunity Brian and I had a lot of thinking to do because it was up to us to accept or not. I had a lot of questions and concerns. I’m not gonna lie, I was even thinking about backing out because the more I thought about it the more I started to freak out. C’mon, I’m an island girl moving to the mainland that’s major for me. All this talk about me being a supportive wife and being “all in” was actually being put to a test for me and I didn’t know how to handle it. Brian told me that he knew I was afraid, but I couldn’t seem to express how overwhelmed I was. He kept reminding me that we don’t need to accept if I wasn’t ready, I seriously think that’s why I love my man so much because he never puts my feelings aside for his. So the next day at work I wrote out my pro’s and con’s to this “almost journey” opportunity…


  1. Living somewhere other than Hawai’i
  2. New experience
  3. Traveling
  4. Finish up college
  5. Focus on being more better as a WIFE/MOM


  1. Leaving my family
  2. Being far away from home

My pro’s out did my con’s but I knew if I didn’t have the support from my family and friends this was going to be a tough battle for us. When Brian first applied I did bring it up in conversation here and there with my parents and close friends and they were totally supportive.

We asked our son (6yrs old at the time) how he felt about all of this, he was a bit confused and sad because we are leaving our family. He also mentioned that he’s nervous to start a new school and meet new friends. In O’ahu he had his cousins that went to school with him and also his aunty that works there too. We explained and comfort him the best we could, but we could tell that he wasn’t accepting it yet.              He then asked us a question: “is there ice cream in Georgia?” we responded “yes” (a little bit confused on the question) but then he said “ok I’ll go to Georgia” and that’s how his sadness went away. We didn’t hear a worry from him after that.

I knew our decision that we make will impact and change our lives forever after a few days we made our final decision…We’re moving to GEORGIA Y’ALL!!!!!

SO LET OUR PCS: Round 1 to Ft. Benning BEGIN!

 PCS: Permanent Change of Station

We had exactly 3 months to do our must do’s and must see’s before we left. Like saying our goodbyes, eat Hawaiian Food, beach days and pack our house. I was still working/training other employees on my day to day duties. My job was by far a great career opportunity that I was blessed with and worked my butt off every waking day for, I knew it was going to be tough to take my busy life down a few notches (or maybe more). As soon as my last day for work creeped around it was all packing and organizing dates with moving companies for our household goods and vehicles. We also needed to figure out before hand about the house we will be moving into when we get to Benning and paperwork. Also, we were sadden with the news that on Ft. Benning’s military base they do not except pit-bull, so our Kila Boy needed a new home. We did not see that coming at all, we still miss him. Next thing we knew, we were down to our last week in O’ahu. My mom held a surprise farewell dinner for us which I needed. Having all of them there reassured their support for me.

Farewell Dinner

Did you experience a big move before? How did you handle it? Share your story with me I would love to hear your journey. Me ke Aloha -Simply Shana

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