Hawaiian Language

The background to this blog “Hawaiian Language” idea obviously would be that I speak fluent Hawaiian. Yes, Hawaiian is a language (believe it or not I ran into people that didn’t believe me). I also think that it would a fun way to teach the language of my culture.

At a young age, mid of my 3rd grade year I was pulled out of class (English) to transfer to my new class (Hawaiian). I was so nervous because it was a totally different world, and to start new?… New as in: learning to write, read, speak and understand everything in Hawaiian. Learning a different language and meeting new friends was ahead. We were taught math, science, history, physical education all in Hawaiian. Even English class we would communicate in Hawaiian (if that makes any sense at all).

I asked my parents what was the reason for the transfer, they told me that I was invited by our principal to join the Hawaiian Language School. They didn’t hesitate to accept that invite. Both my parents understood that our Hawaiian Language was at one point lost in our culture and wanted to be apart of bringing back the language to our Hawaiian Heritage.

My parents tried to help me with homework but they don’t know how to speak the language and wasn’t given the opportunity like myself when they were younger. I do remember going some classes with them at a high school near where we lived. They knew it could help me more if I had someone to practice with at home and not just at school. Well, in my parents busy schedule with working a full-time job, taking my sister and I to soccer practice and then going to classes after didn’t last long but hey A+ for effort. I love you mom and dad! 

This part of my life through grade school was a stepping stone in my life and a great impact on my journey. Going through something unique at a young age made me stronger and independent in my own happy way. Now I appreciate how dedicated I was to accomplish something that means so much to me. I am proud to speak Hawaiian and very thankful that my parents made this decision for me.IMG_3025I’m going to continue spreading my Hawaiian Culture by blogging “Let’s Talk Hawaiian” hopefully it’ll connect with people that are interested in learning the Hawaiian Language. My next blog I will be teaching phrases, sentences, and words little at a time. You wont be fluent like myself but at least you will have some knowledge towards my beautiful culture.

Share with me how passionate you are about your culture, I would love to hear your story and experience. Me ke aloha -Simply Shana


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