Let’s Talk Hawaiian- #1

Here’s a short story to introduce this blog post…

I’ll never forget my first learning experience with the Hawaiian language: My teacher asked me in front of the whole class ” ‘Ehia ou makahiki? “. I looked around at my classmates thinking, oh gosh can someone help me!. My classmate behind me whispered ” ‘Ekahi “, oh man you don’t know how relieved I felt! I said it loud and proud to my teacher. Then it happened the whole class (including my teacher) started laughing! At that moment I knew I said something wrong, didn’t know what it meant but I knew I was wrong (BTW ” ‘Ekahi ” means ONE! YUP I said I was ONE YEARS OLD!). It may not seem like no big deal to some but at that time as newbie and a 3rd grader you fear to be embarrassed (maybe as an adult too, hmmm.) On a positive note: I made new friends that are still my friends till this day.

From that moment on I was like I’m most definitely not going to fail! NO WAY IN GODS GREEN EARTH! So, I busted my booty after that and by the time I was in 4th grade I had it down! BOOM! How’s that for my PREVAILING MOMENT!?!? On point or what?!

You guessed it:

” ‘Ehia ou makahiki? ” which means ” How old are you? “

” ‘Ekahi” which means “One”



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