Wine Train

ChooChoo, our honeymoon adventure continued with a Napa Valley Wine Train. First off, I’ve never been on a train like this before, I only experienced it once in O’ahu called the Hawaiian Railway and it is totally different (still fun, but different). From the beginning when we showed up we entered this beautiful waiting room with a gift shop and a bit of history too. While we waited we roamed around the gift shop and noticed that they sold locks and also had an area to engrave whatever you want on it, so if you haven’t guessed yet…YES! they have a Love Lock Bridge and YES! we made one and I recommend everyone to do so! But I do suggest that you bring your lock already made to save some time, because there was a long line when we were there.

When it was our time to board the train we locked our locks on the love lock bridge and tossed the key over (I cant wait to go back one day). They also take a beautiful picture of you with the train in the background and we boarded. OMG, it was amazingly beautiful inside so 1950’s, literally felt like we went back in time. There are seasonal packages to choose from but we went on the Vista Dome Lunch we were served lunch and dessert. You can also purchase wine/champagne, which of course we bought a bottle of Grgich Chardonnay. The train started and it was so romantic and peaceful as we passed through the vineyards of Napa. We were also allowed to roam through the 12 different train car’s. It was interesting to pass through the Kitchen Car and see the chef’s preparing our dessert. The Lounge Car was fun because we could step outdoors and enjoy the breeze. Although, ALL train car’s was beautiful. I literally felt like Kate when she was running with Jack through the steam room at the bottom of the titanic. I know, weird analogy but we felt like kids so in love trying to be mature at the same time. Brian sure does bring out the kid in me, we love classy stuff but cant handle being so proper and let loose. Overall, the train ride was a great experience if you don’t get motion sickness, if you do…drink up, seriously and I don’t mean your water.




Did you experience a great train ride? Where was it? and a Love Lock Bridge? Did you ever make one? Share you story with me I would love to hear it. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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