San Francisco

The adventure continues and this time we drove to San Francisco (also my first time) from Napa for a day. Oh San Fran, what a busy city especially if its game day, which we were attending the Giants vs Cardinals baseball game. When we entered San Fran we were greeted with the famous Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped at the marina called Presidio Yacht Club which I would recommend more because it’s less crowded. The view is way more spectacular (to me) and also different from the regular lookout points.


We parked near the wharf to holoholo around and see all the street entertainment and stores. It was mighty crowded. They only thing that we found interesting was the one man band guy! He was very talented and played good music.


Our next stop was Steiner Street because of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Seriously y’all I love, love, looooove this movie! I probably watched it at least 500 times in my lifetime and yes I know all the lines too.


Robin Williams will always be a great actor and idol to millions of people. He impacted many lives with his extravagant personality. At this specific location it shows great appreciation for him from fans around the world. They have a tree planted in the front of the house that was in the film with writings on the branches as well as the rocks surrounding the tree. What an incredible site to see and witness.

It was time to head to the stadium. Did I mention we were going to a wine tasting before the baseball game? Oh gosh what an experience! During our wine tasting we met lots of wine/baseball fans (double the fun). After our wine tasting we entered the stadium and hit the food stand. We bought soooo much food…meaning, everything on the menu, literally! The game started and we had so much fun. The GIANTS won that game 4 to 5. What an experience for my first pro-baseball game.

Leaving the parking lot was surprisingly easy and the drive back to Napa began. San Fran really did us good and enjoyed our whole day there.

Have you ever been to San Fran? What locations did you visit while you were there? What was your reason for your visit there? Share with me your thoughts I would be happy to hear your adventure in San Fran. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA


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