First Trip to Disneyland

One of our vacations before we left Hawaii besides our Honeymoon was our summer 2016 family vacation to DISNEYLAND. We figured that our son is old enough to remember this experience so HECK YAH! To top it off it was our first time (yes I’m 20 something years old and I’ve never been, do I need to mention it again that I’m an island girl we only have the E.K. Fernandez Carnival)!

We did a 3-day Park Hopper and we stayed at a hotel near Disneyland. I’m not sure if all hotels offer a shuttle to the park but ours did. 

TIP for military families: we got our 3-day hopper passes from Hawaii MWR! Although you can check out any MWR in your state. Y’all it is way cheap. They also have other attractions. 

William’s favorite ride: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster

Williams scariest ride: Haunted Mansion (specifically Madame Leota’s face)

My favorite ride was: Peter Pan ride

My scariest ride: It was a tie between Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror. But I was(just a little bit nowadays) afraid of the movie Tower of Terror so I guess this ride earns its spot. William and Brian was with me and I’ll admit, I didn’t like it one bit! I felt like my body left my seat and I was gripping on to Brian’s leg with the bottom of my shoes. Brian still claims that I beat him up on our Disneyland vacation, he got jokes.

Brian’s favorite ride was: Pirates of the Caribbean

Brian’s scariest ride: Haunted Mansion

Our favorite family part was the parade/evening shows.

I just wanna put it out there before y’all scroll down and see my wonderful pictures…I’m not a roller coaster kind of gal! Also, I don’t like being scared and I also don’t like that feeling when my stomach drops, do you get that feeling that I’m trying to explain? I know for a fact that I make that scared look where my face is getting smooshed. I seen some pictures of other people and I knew some rides were gonna take a picture of me so I was prepared to hide my face. Here’s some evidence.

I feel like 3 days is a lot to do lots of rides. Our next trip there I would want to go when its a holiday (Christmas/Halloween). Next time I would like to stay at a Disney resort.

Behind the Scene: We (Brian) actually left our tickets back in Hawaii after we were told not to forget it because there was no other way to get a copy! Oh man, I was stressed out! I don’t know how he convinced MWR to resend him the tickets via-email but he did and like always my husband always pulls through by saving the day (his butt).

Share with me your fun time at Disneyland or even Disney World (we never been, yet!). Where’d you stay at, what hotel? Any recommendations for our next trip? I cant wait to go back after this blog post so please share. Me ke aloha: -SIMPLY SHANA



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