Spring Break at the Lake

Kingsley Lake Florida was our choice of destination for Spring Break 2017 and no, it wasn’t planned at all. Brian was instructing an Air Assault course at Camp Blanding, FL for a few weeks. William and I didn’t wanna do anything fun without Daddy so we brought the fun to him. The drive was about 5hrs long. It was my first time that I road tripped alone. I mean, William was with me but c’mon guys he’s only 7 if I got tired he cant drive for me haha. But he sure did keep me company.

The drive down was beautiful.

When we arrived Brian was excited just as much as we were to see him. I also packed a cooler with Brian’s comfort food before heading down to Florida. He was happy and hungry to see us. We stayed in the cabins right off the lake. I thought it was going to be more busy/crowded because of spring break but it was pretty darn peaceful. We stayed a week there and it was amazing. Oh how we enjoyed the sun and sand on our toes. We did some fun activities like canoeing, jumping off docks, swimming, feeding ducks, and playing at the play ground.

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It was so much fun there! I told Brian that we should retire there on the lake. Half is a military base and half isn’t. They have beautiful lakefront homes to die for. You guys!!!!, it’s so peaceful and calm and it’s literally a circle lake.


Have you heard of Kingsley Lake? If you live nearby go check it out. The sunsets are beautiful there. Do you have a favorite lake? Where? Tell me your story I would love to hear it. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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