Let’s Talk Hawaiian #5

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers! So you guessed it, I’m going to translate todays special love day in Hawaiian just in case you want to write it in the card that you are giving/getting/making for your special loved one.


There are two ways that I was taught, one is more for anyone like a friend, co-worker, by-passer that you would like to spread love to and the 2nd is more for that special someone like husband, wife, parents, children that means a lot to you. I’m not saying that your friends or co-workers don’t mean a lot but it’s up to you on where you wanna draw that intimate line.

  1. Hau’oli La Aloha exact meaning is Happy Love Day which is used towards Valentines Day. The word love is great and you can show your love and spread your love to literally anyone because everyone needs love! Although……(read #2)
  2. Hau’oli La Pu’uwai the word “pu’uwai” means heart and your heart cant be given to just anyone right?!?! the ones that you would love to share/give your heart to would be the ones closest to you.

Do you see the difference? Love is still a special thing, don’t get me wrong but the two ways on saying Happy Valentine’s Day in Hawaiian all depends on who you are/want to say it to.

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