Southernmost Point

For my 20something birthday (2017) Brian surprised me with a trip down to Florida for a week. We visited Miami and The Keys. Although this was a surprise for me, he forgot that I knew “Florida Keys” was on his bucket list. He sure did hit two birds with one stone with this trip. This birthday trip was just the two of us. We stayed at Vacation Village at Bonaventure such a nice resort in Weston, Florida. Yes, we road tripped it there too. This time it was only 9 hrs. So not too bad.

Miami: Before we drove through Miami, Brian read about a beautiful beach called Crandon Park on a little island called Key Biscayne. It wasn’t crowded at all. We wanted to take a dip in the ocean but we were intimidated by the huge pelicans diving into the water for fish. Other than that, the sky was so blue with no clouds insight just how we like it. We love tropical weather (us islanders are used to it). After the beach we drove around the island and it was filled with, million dollar homes, yachts, luxury hotels, expensive vehicles driving around…it’s a pretty high-class island (well to us). We found a restaurant called Rusty Pelican on our drive off of the island. I’m gonna be honest with this TIP: It’s a great restaurant because of the VIEW but the food/drinks are overpriced and not that great. Don’t get me wrong the view was priceless. We got pictures to prove how impeccable our view was.

Miami in back of us

After the Rusty Pelican we wanted to check out Miami Beach, but…driving through Ocean Drive (south beach) was entertaining enough. It was crowded and full of crazies, if we were 21 again then maybe this would be the spot for us. But Brian and I enjoy the more relaxing type of vacations now that we are grown, I guess, in some type of way. I guess, we have our moments on when we want to be around a crowd and when we don’t.

The Keys: The drive down was when I realized why this was on Brian’s bucket list! Nothing but ocean to the left and right of us. We made it all the way to Key West and decided that we should stay a night there so we can enjoy the festivities that Key West has to offer. We found this cute hotel through tripadvisor called The Gates Hotel and the price was worth it too. The hotel was new and cool, they also had a shuttle that drives back and forth to Mallory Square. After we got settled in our hotel room we were ready to head out and enjoy Key West. The shuttle ride picked up other guest from different hotels in Key West. When we got to Mallory Square we didn’t know where to start first but we knew that we wanted to hit up Fat Tuesday. On our way there we passed the statue called “Embracing Peace” of a sailor and nurse kissing (Giant Kissers). Then we saw Fat Tuesday, it wasn’t crowded at all but we literally felt like kids in a candy store with all the different daiquiri’s to choose from. We were told by our front desk friends at our hotel that the daiquiri to get is “190 Octane” supposedly it was the strongest drink. After 2 drinks each and a game of pool we were cooled down with energy to explore more of Key West. Another landmark I wanted to check out was the Southernmost Point Buoy. On our way there saw the 0 mile marker, this crazy truck with shells all on it, plumeria flowers (reminds me of my mom), and beautiful homes.. After our long walk back to Mallory Square the we wanted to watch the sunset, so we decided to get something to eat while we waited for the sun to set. We ate at Sunset Pier, oh gosh the food was so amazing but the sun was blazing hot. Guys!!!!, I’ve never ate while I sweat, literally drip sweating. We tried to stick it out but I couldn’t handle the heat. The view was nice and I really wanted to watch the sunset but I know there are other cool breezy spots to watch the sunset and we found a place (across the street from out hotel). We headed back to the hotel because we had a long drive back to our original hotel back in the morning. The drive from our hotel in Weston to Key West was a 4hr drive one way, so we needed that rest.


Sunset in Key West

Before we left Florida we wanted to by a cool souvenir for William and do a little shopping for ourselves too. We did a lot of adventurous stuff but we sure did lots of relaxing. We love being around the ocean, because it’s where we met. 

Overall, I love the fact the Brian and I still do “JUST THE TWO OF US” adventures. I think it brings us closer as husband and wife that we make time for each other without worrying about nothing else.

Have you been to Key West? Miami? What was your favorite spots? Any recommendations? Also, do you and your hubby/wifey have a special vacation together? Where? Share with me your awesome locations (btw I find all these locations and landmarks from pintrest). Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA



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