Let’s Talk Hawaiian #6

Counting from 1-10 in Hawaiian is a bit confusing for William but I showed him how similar it is to the days of the week. If you didn’t see my other post Let’s Talk Hawaiian #4 take a look at the similarity.

‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu, SAY CHEESE!


‘Ekahi: ONE 

‘Elua: TWO

‘Ekolu: THREE

‘Eha: FOUR

‘Elima: FIVE

‘Eono: SIX

‘Ehiku: SEVEN

‘Ewalu: EIGHT

‘Eiwa: NINE

‘Umi: TEN 

I think it’ll take him sometime to learn the numbers but everyday is progress. I hope you all are enjoying my Hawaiian Language blog posts. Please let me if you want to learn any words I would love to teach you. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA



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