Let’s Talk Hawaiian #7

This blog post will be a happy one. Today William turns 8 years old. Wowzerz! He’s seriously growing up to fast for us. Last year he planned his own birthday from when he got up in the morning till when he went to bed. For example: Ice Cream for breakfast, Pet fish, Hair cut, Chuck E Cheese for games & lunch, Pick out toys from Target, Pizza for dinner and a movie to end the day. This year he’s letting me plan it, how sweet right?! but oh the pressure. His only request was going to Chuck E Cheese (again). But I’ll tell y’all a little secret on where we will be heading today “SUGAR FACTORY”. It’s will be our first time there but I’m pretty sure he will enjoy it, what kid wouldn’t?!?!

SO here’s to you my son…

Happy Birthday: Hau’oli La Hanau





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