Georgia Life

We moved 5000 miles away and were 5/6 hours ahead (depending on daylight savings). Since we moved in October of 2016. I was excited to experience the seasons (back at home we don’t have seasons like the mainland). Regardless of the time difference I still made time to talk to family back at home, and thankfully my parents are early risers. My parents talked to me every day and still do. It didn’t feel like things had changed because facetime makes us feel like we are with each other. That’s one of things that I was afraid of was missing my family and although I cant be with them in person facetime works well enough for me.

Woodruff Riverfront Park

Destination: FT. Benning, GA and PCS-Round 1 (FT. Benning)

While in Georgia….

Our first activity that we did was Octoberfest in Alabama. It was a great family fun event. They had camel rides, boat rides, carnival rides, petting zoo and lots of food. They also had German beer booths too. This was a fun way to get our mind off of the move and just have some family fun time altogether.


We ate at places that we don’t have back at home like Chick-fil-a but we call it chickaflicka its much easier for our family. Hardee’s (but home does have Carl’s Jr) I think Hardee’s is way better. We also tried Crackle Barrel because I was so excited for country fried steak which it didn’t blow my mind, but the décor on the outside with all the rocking chairs were so cute and also the store inside I totally LOVE. As for the food maybe I just need to try something else. Any suggestions?


We did find our new family restaurant that we enjoy which is called Texas Roadhouse (back home it was Chili’s). We went the at least 10x, it has such a homie feel and of course the food is delicious.

Besides our vacations away from Georgia like: New York, Kingsley Lake, Key West (check out my previous blog postings)

We visited other cool places in Georgia like:




We chose to live on Fort Benning military base because it was our first time living in the mainland and how safe it is. They also have a hospital, grocery store, gas station, movie theater, bowling alley, schools, px(mall), gym and so much more. We took advantage of all that the base had to offer.

Ft. Benning Hiking Trail

In GA I was contemplating about starting a blog, learning a new language, cook different meals, homemade desserts, crafting, and working out. I actually surprised myself with stuff that I’ve learned and picked up. (Stick around for my recipe blogs that I’ll post soon.) The only things that I didn’t start in GA was blogging and learning a new language.

After being in Ft. Benning for 8 months we were off to another career opportunity. Our next stop Virginia. Again, we had only a month to get up and move again, but this time at least we had some experience, right!?!? (blog post PCS Virginia-Round 2 coming soon) 


Confession: I wish we went to Disneyworld since we lived only 6hrs away!

Tip: Take advantage of everything you want to do or see near you, because you don’t know when you’ll get another chance to do so.

Have you ever lived somewhere new? What’d you take advantage of? I would love to know your story. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA




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