PCS-Round 2 (Arlington,VA)

Yes round 2 in less than a year, who would’ve thought?! NOT ME! After literally getting comfy being in GA (check out my Georgia Life post) it was time for us to leave. Thinking that we would’ve got this pcs down it was totally different in another way. This time we were driving to Virginia, instead of flying.
We chose to drive because:

  1. We didn’t want our vehicle to get damaged again
  2. We wanted to bring our important things with us
Hello there Virginia!

The moving company changed the packing days just like our first PCS (PCS Round 1 Ft Benning) .  But hey, “NO EXPECTATIONS, NO DISAPOINTMENTS” right?! that doesn’t mean to not have any care in the world but just “don’t sweat the small stuff”. When they did arrive, a huge truck with a huge container was on it and we were like sheesh we do not have that much stuff. Little did we know half of the container was filled with another families household items that will be heading to Virginia too. Is that normal? We had 3 men scattered around our home but we previously prepped what will be packed in order. We also made sure our inventory list was better than before, but then again crap happens so keep reading.

Our move was fast and easy. The drive was super long (12hrs) but we love road trips so that wasn’t a problem at all. Our vehicle was packed with lots of the things that we were going to need immediately because our move-in date for our apartment wasn’t until a week after being in VA. When we got to VA we stayed at Residence Inn Hotel in Springfield Old Keene Mill. Great hotel BTW, we scored because we had free breakfast and also had mixer nights (free booze) so we totally won with that. We also got a chance to stop by our apartment to do a walk through and sign some papers. After days of living in a hotel, we were ready to move in.

First day moving into our apartment we were suppose to have our household goods delivered and y’all guessed it!!!!!!! IT WAS DELAYED/PUSHED BACK/RESCHEDULED seriously every excuse in the book again! We literally had to call them everyday to see if they could deliver our things. We also asked them if we could pick up our items ourselves and they had another excuse like “it’s way back in the warehouse and other peoples household goods were blocking it”. After waiting a week they were here to deliver our things it also came a long with rude, bossy and short tempered workers. How scary! We also had a bunch of items missing, specifically Brian’s workout equipment $300+ worth stolen/misplaced whatever, but thankfully we did the inventory sheet right so we were in the right to get reimbursed.

View from our apartment balcony

From the beginning to the end of our PCS, no matter how many times we thought we were going to lose it (go cray-cray) we had to remind ourselves that we didn’t expect this round to be rainbows and butterflies. Overall we had a great time on our long drive, hotel stay and just being together before my husband started work. I’ve noticed, between the 2 PCS experience that we had gone through that #1 We shouldn’t own anything expensive #2 Whatever happens DONT STRESS.

TIP: Listen up…please, if you are moving and using a company PLEASE take your inventory list serious, you might feel like you want the move to be quick but in the end your inventory list is your BESTIE when unfortunate events occur.

CRAPPIEST CONFESSION: While in GA we bought a new washer and dryer because the house didn’t come with it. So we had to sell our washer and dryer for wayyyyy less than we bought it for because our apartment already came with it. But hey we live and we learn right?

Since we are currently in Arlington, VA do you guys recommend some fun activities like hikes, restaurants, landmarks? Let me know! I’ve been looking on pintrest and google, but I know there are other things that are fun that seem to not be mentioned on the internet. If you are a local here or just know lots about this place share with me. Keep in mind if its a few hours away let me know too, you may already know this…we love road trips so don’t hold back. I would love to make the most of our stay while we are here. Hear from you all shortly. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA




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