Let’s Talk Hawaiian #9

Today’s choice of words has to do with Hawai’i’s beautiful changing weather. If you haven’t lived there then you seriously wouldn’t understand. Just to give more explanation on the weather if it’s not already obvious that at 7am you can see the brightest sunrise, then 8am it’ll all go dark and storm, heavy rain, then at 9am all the rain will evaporate from the beautiful hot sun and then out pops a beautiful rainbow. This change of weather could even happen within minuets too. Also, it could storm at one portion of a town and the part bright and sunny. BUT, I love the crazy weather of my beautiful home HAWAI’I.

Double Rainbow picture taken from the Freeway on the island of O’ahu

Rainbow: ANUENUE
Rain: UA
Sun: LA
Sunshine: PA ‘ANA KA LA
Cloud: AO
Thunder: HEKILI
Lightning: UILA
Fog: NOE

Would you like me to add any of these words into a sentence? Let me know. Is there anything you would want me to translate for you? I would love to help. In my future blog postings I’ll make sentences that are used often in daily life. I hope you guys are enjoying these postings. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA



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