Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017

On November 23rd 2017 we checked off another must-do on our bucket list. We went to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade! Of course we drove, the drive was about 4hrs, not bad at all…compared to the other road trips we did right?!.
BEHIND THE SCENE: The hotel location was prime for us, it was located as soon as we exited the Lincoln Tunnel. But, we got lost and ended up driving in a bus terminal station where regular vehicles are not allowed. We weren’t the only vehicle lost in that terminal structure but I was freaking out. Who wouldn’t?! It was dark in there, and all you see is people waiting for the buses. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit much but I seem to freak out when I get lost.
After our little mishap we arrived safely and checked in at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (New York Times Square West) the day before Thanksgiving at about 1pm. Do you guys know about the cookies that they give? So fresh, so warm! Those cookies made me forget about the whole lost scenario, until now. Anyyywayssss. 

After we got our things in the hotel room, we were ready to start our fun in NYC! Yes we’re baaaaaack! Even though it was just for a one night we always make our time worth it. Last time in New York City we couldn’t do everything that was on our “to-do bucket list” so this time we had a chance to check some off and experience other new adventures along the way.

1st place we tackled down was Joe’s Pizza not only because lots of celebrities go there(well that’s kinda the reason why, but shh) but because this place is known as “The Best Pizza in NYC” and we were actually craving some pizza.
TIP ONE: If you are freezing and in cold weather don’t bite into a freshly made ,right out the oven pizza! Guys the roof of my mouth was burnt, I couldn’t feel a thing right when it happened because of how cold I was until I defrosted a bit. So take it easy and cool your pizza off first before going in for the kill.

2nd stop, we walked on down to Times Square. Even though it wasn’t at night, we still felt the full atmosphere of all the TV screens and billboards, it wasn’t crowded which we liked!

3rd stop, we went to HERSHEY’S store. Never been to one before but it was such a great setup for a store and you cannot leave empty handed. This wasn’t on our bucket-list but we are glad to add this to our adventure. Plus, they handout free mini Hershey’s bars when you walk in the store, how grand!
4th stop, took pics by the giant Garland of Christmas Lights. Again, not on our bucket-list but perfect background for a photo-op. Woohoo!

5th stop, we headed on down to the Rockefeller Center. Yes, we went there last time but we didn’t ice skate in the rink. This time we did! Although the Christmas tree wasn’t completely put up yet it was something that we wanted to do. Y’all I know I didn’t mention this but I’m not really an ice skater, I mean I know how but I’m not like that good at it. I’m gonna pull out the island girl problems card right now because we don’t ice skate, well majority of ice don’t (that I know for sure). We do have an ice rink in O’ahu called ICE PALACE but not my style. Although, in NYC all bets are off and I had to but my big girls skates on and get my booty on that ice with my husband, and I did! It was a bit intimidating to ice skate while hundreds of people stare at you. It is pretty pricey to skate in the Rockefeller Rink but well worth it.
TIP TWO: This is for military families, don’t forget to ask for the military rate when you skate at the Rockefeller Rink the discount is massive. 

6th stop, Saks Fifth Avenue we went inside this time, and stopped through all 10 floors. Our best part of Saks besides the beautiful Christmas lights on the outside of the building was the wooden escalator! I mean c’mon how vintage looking, I was hesitant to get on it but it was a must.

7th stop, of course we stopped in front of Macy’s, we are there for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and needed a pic without a whole bunch of people around.
8th stop, it was about 6pm and we were hungry for dinner. We were passing FIVE GUYS so hey why not?! We never tried it before but heard lots about it so we went for it. My, my, myyyyyyyy it was quite deeeeelish (delicious).

9th stop, Well technically we went back to the hotel because we had to get up early for a good spot at the parade. But we noticed that it wasn’t that late in the evening and decided to head up to the roof top bar at our hotel and have some drinks. Oh what a view! It was super windy but the view overpowered the cold winds.


Next day arrived!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all we got up later than we expected, around 7am. We got back to our room a tad bit late from the roof top bar so getting up in the morning was a struggle. But as soon as we were ready we headed to the central park area. On our way there we passed by the floats and balloons before they went out. Although I don’t know exactly where the “perfect” spot would be located but to me anywhere without the sun in your face would be great. I would recommend the central park side because there’s so much room and space to watch the parade. After a good 4 hours waiting and watching the great parade we walked on back to the hotel to check out and make it back to VA for our family Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Confession: Guys! After the first time we came to NYC and having a “been there, done that” attitude this Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade brought us right back here again for the 2nd time. And to be honest since this is my confession…I will be back in NYC soon. If we don’t PCS yet….


Next time I go back to New York and I have a feeling it’ll be soon I want to go to The Blue Box Café and maybe make a stop at Coney Island (when it’s open this time). I also want to go when NYC isn’t cold. If y’all want to suggest some other places in NYC that I haven’t been to yet feel free to give me your input. I don’t know how long we will be stationed here on the east coast so I want to make our stay worth it. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA


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