Let’s Talk Hawaiian #11

I’m posting this blog because I thought this would be relevant since I’m here living it up in the mainland. I noticed that many restaurants here serve ahi poke or tuna poke on their menu. So I’m here to try and help all of you that are confused on how to pronounce it and for those that don’t even know what it means.

‘AHI means TUNA in Hawaiian. That explains the type of fish that you are eating/ordering or maybe even catching.
The “A” sound like “AH” in the word “ABOUT” and the “H-I” part of the word sound like the English word “HE” so together combined it would be “AH-HE” also known as “‘AHI”

POKE means TO CUT INTO PIECES. That explains the way the meal is prepared.
You can pronounce the word “POKE” like “OKAY” but with a “P” in front of it “POKAY” also known as “POKE”.

For the word ‘AHI people don’t realize that it is a Hawaiian word and this whole time y’all thought you never spoke Hawaiian before. As for the word POKE people pronounce it as an English word instead of the Hawaiian way to say it. I found it funny when we were at a restaurant and I ordered Ahi Poke the correct (Hawaiian) way and the waiter “corrected” me in his (English) way. But hey I could’ve corrected him right back but I was there to eat and not to teach. I hope this post was helpful and clear enough for y’all to pronounce and understand. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA


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