Xoby Organics Lover

Hey y’all it’s been a minute since I blogged. We’ve been busy with so much planning for the rest of the year, snow days and now spring break. It was a tad bit funny that the day after “First Day of Spring” (per my calendar) started we snowed here in Arlington, VA. Because of the cray cray snow day, school and work was cancelled. My hubby doesn’t like to waste a day staying indoors regardless of the weather. So we went out for breakfast. Denny’s was our choice, although the drive there was beautiful. Everything covered in fresh white snow made me love the snow all over again until I realized I didn’t have my beanie. Yup, I had snowflake hair walking into Denny’s. Oh how lovely. We wanted to do a little shopping at Home Goods but it was closed due to the snow too. But hey, Target was open.

Ok back to the whole point of my title to this blog….today I checked the mail and we received this cute little package from our friends at Xoby Organics!!!! You guys how cute can they get!?! They sent us an Easter card with organic jelly beans with it. This card ended our busy weekend on a great note.


If y’all haven’t ordered from them yet, go check them out now. BTW it’s free delivery woohoo! My order from Xoby should be in soon and I’ll give you guys an update/review on my yummy goodies that I bought. Can’t wait!

Any Xoby lovers out there? What’d you order share with me so I’ll know what to order next. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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