Beauty Tip: Dry Skin Care

This is a new type of post for me, but I want to go down this road to blog on. Ever since we moved to the mainland I’ve been having major skin problems. One of the difference that I saw in my skin was that I noticed as soon as the move was done is DRY SKIN. Sheeshhh my poor skin dried up so quickly to the point it cracks. Back in Hawai’i I used lotion because of dry skin but one round of lotion on my body, I was good for the day. But here in the mainland I need about 4 rounds and that’s not including my poor hands. I apply lotion on my hands right after I wash them, and I wash my hands or apply hand-sanitizer at least 100 times or more a day because both water and alcohol dries it up like the ground in the dessert.
Right now it’s been about a 1yr and 1/2 and only this past month I’ve found a body soap(which I use as hand soap too) for myself. After going through a crap load of soaps I was gifted a box of bath essentials from my Grandma. I was hesitant to use it because I had no luck with soaps. I also try to stay away from scented soaps and what not. One day I just gave in and opened it for a try. My skin life changed since! Thank you to my Grandma for sending me this gift box. I scored with this Lavender bar soap. Guyssssssssss!!!! It did(still does) wonders. It hydrates my skin so much I could feel the difference after day #1. I wouldn’t ever lie about this because my skin has been a sensitive subject for me.
Confession:I went to the doctors and seriously told them that I feel like there’s something wrong with the water in the mainland because this wasn’t right. They prescribed me with lots of the lotions and ointments that could help, but no. They also mentioned that the weather in the mainland is much more different from Hawai’i. But it can get cost affective trying to find the right type of product that will nourish your skin.
The name of the soap is called Lavender Triple Milled Soap. I asked my Grandma where she got it from and she was sprung between Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Hearing those two stores I was like “great!” its a hit and miss when it comes down to those stores because they don’t carry things frequently like other stores. I did more and more research and I found it guys, they sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Wooohoooo! Yup I ordered a bunch online because I’m seriously afraid to run out.
Getting my skin back on a healthy and hydrated track was a journey especially with the different weathers we have every single day. Although I am very happy to have found body soap that actually works.


So if you guys experience the dry skin problems like myself try it out here’s the link: Lavender Triple Milled Soap. Or if you guys have any other beauty secrets y’all use let me know I’m open to trying new skincare. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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