Cape Cod

OMG, is it already time for our 2nd annual Family Winter Vacation blog post? It sure is! This family vacay wasn’t to hard for us to plan. My husband wanted to visit another big city like BOSTON. But like our last winter vacay we stayed in the Poconos and drove into New York to check out the sites. We also knew that we wanted to be close to the ocean even though its winter time. So I got on AFCV website, sat with Brian and read him all of the different resorts near Boston. We came across a few beautiful resorts in CAPE COD. After going back and forth we settled for this great place called InnSeason Resort Surfside. At the time we booked our Cape Cod resort the website had a BOGO (buy one, get one free) offer. How awesome!!! We used our BOGO towards a birthday trip for myself coming up in MAY (yes i’ll be blogging about it too).

The count down and research for landmarks, and activities for our vacation began.
Behind the Scene: Brian actually took over ALL of the day to day planning. He even made us a itinerary too. He made things so easy, how amazing. The only request I made was to visit Martha’s Vineyard.
Silly Confession: Do y’all remember a show called “The Vineyard”? (if not, its ok) That was my reason of wanting to go there, yup because of a show I watched back in 2013 which got canceled after the first season aired. I always like how the town looked and how beautiful the location is.

Our journey to the Cape was a 9hr drive (480 miles). Yes, we drove..why wouldn’t we?! You should all know us by now that we love road-trippin’. Since our drive was heading up north we saw nothing but snow, so cool. Then we arrived! After checking in, we unloaded our week long luggage and winter coats. Our room was spacious and comfy. We had a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, full-kitchen, and living room. We drove into their little town afterwards to stop by Wal-Mart and picked up some food to cook. Our room had the most amazing view of Martha’s Vineyard across the ocean.

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise that we watched from our balcony. Guys! OMG I seriously felt like I witnessed a little bit of heaven. How blessed can this be? “SAND, SNOW and SEA SHELLS” altogether? I seriously felt like I was dreaming. Being an island girl this was the most magical site to witness by far. Out of all the places we visited seeing the three together became #1. It was such a beautiful way to start off our vacation week. The beach was right across the street from our resort which made it so easy for us to go as much times. Also, having the sun out while witnessing the beauty of this place made every thing more magical. William also made a cute snowman using sea shells for the eyes.

After our little adventure to the beach we drove to Cape Cod Winery about an 8min drive. At the winery we did some wine tasting in this little wooden cottage, it was so warm and homey feeling. And of course, we didn’t leave empty handed. We bought 6 yummy bottles.

After the wine tasting we went to Main Street where there’s restaurants and shops. We stopped by Quarterdeck (lots of history in this restaurant) to get some lunch and checked out some cute shops that sell souvenirs.

Next morning, of course we were greeted by the beauty of the sunrise that the Cape has to offer. Hubby went down to the beach again to pick some shells. As I fell back asleep and pushed back or plans that was on our agenda.

When I finally got up and got ready we had a drive to conquer that was going to take us almost 2hrs to get to. We were heading to the tip of Cape Cod do to some wine tasting at Truro Vineyards. Visiting the different vineyards during winter time had its pros and cons.
Pros: it’s not crowded with other winers and we also have lots of one on one time to ask as much questions as we want about the vineyard and wines.
Cons: we missed the grapes in the vineyards, and the greenery of a vineyard.
At the Truro Vineyard they also sold Twenty Boat Rum and again we didn’t leave empty handed. After seeing the cute wine bottle that they sell their wine in OMG you would buy it too.

Next on our agenda we drove further down the point to Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum. There was a small fee to check out the museum and to walk up the monument too. It was so much fun going all the way to the top. You can see the City of Boston from the top. I surely do recommend this. I don’t remember if they do military discount but I’m pretty sure they do. Majority all the places we went to had a discount which is always great to save!

For dinner we stopped by this place called J.R. Brodys Tavern (shoutout to YELP for great find). The atmosphere of this place was great, there was a Patriots game about to start too. The food was awesome and we felt at home with great people around us.

We woke up to a dark morning, no sunrise to see but Brian didn’t let that stop us from the big adventure he had planned for us. Off to Boston we go!

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To end our great adventure Brian took us out on a special date night at C-Salt Wine Bar & Grille what a beautiful restaurant. Everyone in the Cape is so wonderful and makes us feel like family.

We almost missed the sunrise. Also I took a break from cooking breakfast by going to Mary Ellen’s Portuguese Bakery. Once again a homey, family feel of this place. After our yummy meal we went back to the resort and chilled. We also did a mini hike to this scenic lookout called The Knob where we finally got a chance to watch the sunset. We then had dinner at Simply Divine Pizza Co. what sold me was (the name, jus kiddin) their caesar salad wrap, a must try!

Another morning with the beautiful sunrise. Before we began our great evening, we made a drive to Nobska Lighthouse.

As for our great surprise for William, we were going on a train ride to Christmas Town. He’s been obsessed with the movie “Polar Express” and this train ride is somewhat similar to it. So perfect!

Our dinner plans was at a restaurant called Anejo Mexican Bistro, the food was alright but you cant go wrong with a yummy margarita.
The sunrise this morning was our last beautiful clear sunrise because the next day it was super cloudy.

Today was my awesome request that came true. Here we come Martha’s Vineyard! We caught a Ferry Boat Ride on over and it was so much fun. When we arrived we were hungry, so we had lunch at The Black Dog Tavern. We then walked on over to Main Street in Vineyard Haven where they had cool shops. After a few hours exploring the little town in the Vineyard we were pooped and waited for our ferry ride back to the Cape. This ferry ride was crowded because of everyone who was heading home from work. Dinner plans took place at British Beer Company. It’s near our resort and we’ve been driving pass it soooo we finally made a stop there to eat.

We left later than planned around 8ish. Although we were happy that we got the sunrise the day before because it was a bit cloudy and could barely see the sun rising. After loading our vehicle we sadly said goodbye to our beautiful vacation! We enjoyed every day of it and was full of adventure.

Even though we didn’t stick to the T on our itinerary, we actually did everything that we wanted but on different days. This vacation was awesome and I’m happy that our winter vacation just keeps getting better.

I wonder where our 3rd annual Family Winter Vacation will be…
Leave me some ideas from vacations that you’ve experienced. I would love to share a journey that I can relate to my readers on. Thank you so much for y’all’s interest in reading my blog postings. This journey wouldn’t be great without the encouragement and kind words from you guys! thank you thank you thank you. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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