Easter Egg Roll 2018

Hey guys how was your Easter? Hope y’all had a fun time finding eggs. This year we didn’t do anything on Easter Day because we were invited to go to the Easter Egg Roll 2018 at The White House! William of course got an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny tho! But we saved our energy for the next day.
Our invitation told us to arrive 45min before our designated time to enter the grounds of The White House. Due to it being a Monday (school and work is in session) we left the house at 7:15 and drove on down to DC. We parked at LAZ parking garage on G St NW. We then walked to The Ellipse Park where they had designated areas for each group. We were Group B to enter, and the times were 9:45am-11:45am. We were the 5th family in line and it was cold (hubby should’ve listened to me). They had a DJ playing music as we waited for our turn to go in. They finally let us in after waiting for a little over an hour. We went through 2 check points #1 Secret Service Security Check and #2 Wristbands. We waked through President’s Park and passed by dozens of security, as we entered the South Lawn we were greeted by everyone working the Easter Egg Roll. We weren’t given pamphlets or map on what activities were happening, so we pretty much strolled around. We took lots of pictures and did lots of activities before it got crowded with the rest of the group still entering.

TIP #1: Pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly (sorry hunnie) because you can always take off layers but you cant add on if you’re no longer at home. I have control over what I use and what my son use…as for my hubby hmmm he’ll do whatevers convenient for him. For example: It was 40 degrees outside and windy, I know my son will get uncomfortable quick if he is freezing so I bundled him up a good 3 layers just to be safe. As for my clothing I did the same. But as for my husband he ended up freezing for a good hour because he refused to wear his thick jacket. Guys, c’mon I did feel bad but most times WIFEY knows best (I love you hunnie).
TIP #2: I totally understand that you are on the same property of The White House and The President but this is a family outdoor event. The high heels, spring dresses, and tight fitted suits was soooo not necessary. Not only were they cold, but women were sinking into the lawn and the well groomed men had a hard time curling into a fetal position just to keep warm. It’s ok to use heels but use thick heels and you can still dress cute without using your ski outfit.
TIP #3: We were blessed to be invited to this because my husband is in the military. Although anyone could win tickets by going on this website Easter Egg Roll Lottery for the years to come. It seems like you win by entering a lottery.

Overall this event was amazing! So much activities for the kids and great entertainment as well. We hope next year we get invited again, and hopefully its warm and sunny.
Did you experience the Easter Egg Roll? Share your story with me. Or if you have any questions about our experience I would love to share more with you! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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