Bahama Birthday

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. Last post was in April, yikes. Well I’ve been so busy because May is my birth month, also Mothers Day, also, Memorial Day. I know-I know I should’ve been on top of my blogging but I am promising myself that I wont put off another blog post. I think I put off blogging because I actually caught up with all my events since we moved here to the mainland (Hawaii-Georgia-now in Virginia). Now I gattah play catch up again, lol.
Anyways, this post is about my Bahama Birthday Trip that my husband surprised me with a few months back, May 2018. I didn’t have much on my “must-do” list because all I wanted was to lounge on a beach, swim in the ocean, and just seriously have some relax time with my hubby (which we did every single day).
Of course we used AFVC to book our condo. Like I said before in my other blogs, you save LOTS, so take advantage! Everything for us went awesome, from the plane ride there and back. The resort the we stayed at is called The Ocean at Taino Beach. The cost of the taxi ride (they only take cash) from the airport to our resort was $25 (btw I didn’t know they drove on the opposite side of the road). At the Bahamas they take American cash if that’s all you have, but most places also except credit cards too.

We had a yummy bday dinner the first day at our resort! Amazing food! The restaurant was called Taino by the Sea. Guys, our waiter…ugh I wish I remembered his name (bad habit, because I love to give credit where credit is due) was G R E A T! Brian (my hubby) told him it was my birthday, his eyes lightened up with so much happiness to celebrate (with a shot of tequila) and also having everyone at the restaurant sing to me too. My birthday announcement spread like wild-fire, by the time we hit the pool, the bartender had a shots ready for everyone, including himself, other workers and whoever was sitting at the bar!!! Such amazing people there. 
Adventures that we did off resort was catch a ferry to Port Lucaya. It was so peaceful and nice to be on the ocean for a bit. At Port Lucaya they didn’t have much people out and about so we got to enjoy and take lots of cool pictures without a whole bunch of other tourist around. Also we learned that Port Lucaya is more of a night-life party area for the tourist (not on my “must-do” list). They have lots of bars and water activity rentals there. Its a big tourist attraction area. While we were there we bought souvenirs for ourselves and our family. The prices were very decent compared to the store near our resort.

We were planning on going to Nassau to stay at Atlantis but all the locals mentioned that it is not what it seems like on TV or Social Media lol. They said it is dirty(pools) and a waste of money…well that sold us, and I thought to myself…why would I trade a beautiful uncrowded beach for a few days at Atlantis with yucky pool water?! Anyways we didn’t go and we were happy with our peaceful days at Taino Beach.

One thing that stood out everywhere we went is the…AMAZING LOCALS! Everyone from Bahamas were super nice, very talkative, and outrageously welcoming.
Brian and I loved every day spent at The Bahamas. Im super super superrrrrrrr thankful that my hubby took me on another beautiful vacation. Maybe next year we can do Tahiti? Fingers crossed!!!
Let me know where your fav tropical vacation is at? I would love explore more places in this beautiful world of ours! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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