Let’s Talk Hawaiian #12

Hi all my fast learners!!! So I have a song that my son learned over this summer which he knows very well. BTW he loves singing!!!
This song is called Na Mahele O Ke Kino = Parts Of The Body.

It goes like:

Poʻo, Maka, Ihu, Waha (touch head, eyes, nose, mouth)
Pepeiao, Lima, Manamana Lima (touch ears, hold up hands, wiggle fingers)
Kuli, Wāwae, Manamana Wāwae (touch knees, feet, wiggle toes)
me kuʻu Poʻohiwi (rest hands on shoulders)
Piko! (shout and point at bellybutton)

Head, Eyes, Nose, Mouth
Ears, Hand, Fingers
Knees, Foot, Toes
and my Shoulders

A funny short story: while teaching my son this song, he would sing it to Brian and I to the point where Brian wanted to learn too…lets just say that our son became a great teacher and Brian became a forgetful student. He had a really hard time focusing, not sure if an 8yr old getting frustrated with him had to do with it lol but we all found it sooooo hilarious and cute.
Just remember to never give up on learning, if you put your mind to it you’ll get there (even though it takes a few months…or more just like my hubby). Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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