Happy Daddy’s Day 2018

Daddy’s Day was awesome because I put a lot of thought into my gift for Brian.
Here’s a pic:
IMG_9792I bought a little bit of everything that Brian loves. I taped everything on sticks and made a manly bouquet in a ice bucket.
Pinterest does wonders! Of course I put a little touch of my own to the great idea that I got.
Other than the great gift from me, we had a fun day. For breakfast we had a special delivery from Sugar Shack. Yup! Donuts and Coffee to start our day!
IMG_5608After we enjoyed some donuts and slowly got ready we hit the road. For awhile now, Brian kept talking about wanting to go to a batting cage, so it was a perfect day to do so. It was soooo fun even though the humidity was a tad tense.
IMG_5611After the hitting some balls at Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to have some drinks and chicken wings ( such a guy place, right?! ) once again P E R F E C T.

Hubby had a successful and great day that he deserves and so did myself and our son.
IMG_9800Our son is very sweet on words too, we know his heart means well (F Dad).
Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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