Summer of the 4th

We had an incredible week during the 4th of July. Last year as newbies to the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area we went to Ft. Myer military base near where we live to watch the fireworks. This year it was different, not only because we got more comfy in this area but we had a visitor too. Dad (hubbys) came to visit us! We were so excited to show him around to places we’ve been and also explore new places with him as well. 
This was our agenda everyday he was with us:

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Tips for spending 4th of July in D.C:
1. UBER there and back (its worth it, some streets are closed and parking is a bit pricey)
2. Don’t worry about snacks/food or water there are lots of people selling $1 waters everywhere and food truck galore 
3. It is H O T and H U M I D
4. Take advantage of the free museums all around you, not to mention the A/C in all of them too. Perfect cool off place. 
5. Don’t worry about finding perfect seating because there are soooo many spots to sit/stand to watch the fireworks
6. We watched the fireworks on the National Mall Lawn, no problem on getting a spot
7. Time to head there, well if you wanna check out the museums then I would go there early
8. The fireworks start at 9pm
9. National Independence Day Parade started at 11:45am and held between 7th and 17th streets
10. A Capitol Fourth on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol started at 8pm

Every day was filled with so much excitement. I wouldn’t be able to pick a day and call it “THE BEST”. Knowing that we could all be together with so much love was the best part. Having dad was too much fun for all of us, it was super nice of him to visit us for a whole week and just hang! He traveled from California to be with us. This vacation for dad was the total opposite of a normal vacay where you would usually sleep in and do things IF you want..but this vacay for dad (and us), we were literally  “on the go” all day everyday! FUNFILLED!
Being away from family makes our special occasions/holidays different every year. We don’t have our normal family traditions like some of y’all, but one day we will!
What are some of your family traditions or non-traditions that y’all do for special occasions/holidays? Did you experience Independence Day in D.C.? How was it? Where was your best Independence Day celebration at? Share with me, I would love to hear about it! Me ke aloha – SIMPLY SHANA

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