Strong Bonds 2018

Hi guys, this blog will be a short one…back in February of this year. My hubby and I attended this event within the military called “Strong Bonds”. It’s an event for married couples to attend to strengthen and have an outsiders perspective on the good and bad in a marriage. Most people think that this event is only if you have problems and others feel embarrassed to attend because it may seem shamed upon your marriage. Don’t get me wrong I was hesitant to go because I’ve never heard of something like this and from hearsay on others opinions towards it. I always loved the fact on bettering or understanding what could happen in a marriage. Before Brian and I got married we did a premarital counseling and it was the best thing that brightened our marriage. It made us grow even closer. Understanding every moment of each others past, opened our eyes to how we both became the people we are today. Some believe that the past is in the past and there’s no need to relive or share it…which is partially true…”The past is in the past” correct, although sharing it with the one you love brings a different type of bond between the two, you almost feel like you’re reborn again (well that’s how I felt).

This is something that stuck with me from our STRONG BONDS event…
QUOTE: Discussions are always better than arguments, because an argument is to find out who is right and a discussion is to find out what is right.
The reason I decided to post this blog is because we will be attending another 3-day event this December and I will be blogging more of it day-by-day. I really strongly recommend married couples to experience a great event like this.
If you attended a STRONG BONDS event or something like this let me know how your experience went, I would love to hear how it strengthen your marriage! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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