We’re Pregnant

Another reason why I haven’t been blogging so much is because…duh from the title of this post “WE’RE PREGNANT”.
So lets rewind to when we found out…back in July (07/16/18 to be exact) we took a pregnancy test because of a missed period (tmi to some peeps, but get over it-that’s life). It came out P O S I T I V E, I called my hubby and he was on his way home from work…yah I couldn’t wait like 5 more min, I just had to tell him! Anyways, he was super stoked! So much mixed emotions (none negative of course) about “am I ready?!” and “wow this is amazing!!!”and “omg a B A B Y ?!?!” I just needed my hubby to be home with me and hug me. 5 mins later after me thinking so darn much, hubby walks through the door with a huge hug and a kiss for me. We talked about lots.
We planned for us to get a blood test done at my doctors to be 100%, we went in on July 18, 2018. Took a blood test and was told that the doctor will call me with the results, ohhhhh the agony towards waiting…I disliked it! Then towards the ending of the day (before everyone is done with work, 4ish pm) the doc calls, asks me to verify myself with all these silly questions (then I started getting nervous and sweaty for the answer). She then tells me my bloodwork levels and numbers as I say ok, ok, ok like I knew what she was talking about then she sayssss “CONGRATUALTIONS, YOURE PREGNANT!” She explained how early I was in my pregnancy due to the numbers/levels in my blood so I needed to make a follow up appointment. Called Brian told him the news again lol, and we celebrated with pizza that night!
Since it was still early I didn’t want to start blabbing the news to our family just yet, until our ultrasound appointment. But that didn’t happen…I have a hard time keeping secrets y’all!!! It doesn’t help that I talk to my mom, dad and sister everyday! I just couldn’t. But I did tell them not to say anything to anyone until our 2nd trimester when we’re in the safe zone (per doctor).
On Aug 13th 2018 we went in for our first ultrasound appointment and there it is our little gummy bear baby. Our little beautiful blessing. We saw our baby just hanging out.
img_0280.jpgWe also saw the heartbeat fluttering such a precious and unforgettable moment for Brian and I. We were so amazed and in awe literally almost in tears. We got some perfect ultrasound pics of our little baby. As we left the hospital with big smiles on our faces, we got in the car and mom called us on FaceTime. We sent her the pic and a video and she was like when can I tell everyone! She’s so excited which doesn’t help at all because I know I wanna tell the whole world too but we were told to just wait. Brian jumped on the bandwagon with mom to tell everyone already. So since it was 2 against 1, it came down to if I turn the radio on and a song that is playing says BABY, then we’ll tell everyone, but if not then NO we’ll wait patiently. And ummm of course I lost, the song on the radio started with:

” Oh baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle?
– The Middle by Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

I couldn’t believe it I was like okkkkkk lets do this and text messages, IG posting, Facebook posting and phone calls all went out. It was so amazing how much love we received from our family and friends! We are grateful to have such a strong support team. We love y’all!!! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA +1

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