Oktoberfest at Ft. Belvoir

This October we had a chance to make it to Ft. Belvoir for their Oktoberfest. At this Oktoberfest it was extra kid friendly which was so awesome. They did have great beers that Brian enjoyed as well, but most of the event was full of fun rides for the kids.

The last Oktoberfest (previous blog post Georgia Life) that we went to was in Alabama when we were stationed at Ft. Benning, GA.

During October we also went to some fun stores to checkout their Halloween décor and costumes.

Hopefully you all enjoyed fall like we did, if you are a military family or have friends/family members that’s in the military and live near Ft. Belvoir in Virginia I recommend y’all go check out Oktoberfest. It was super muddy when we went so make sure you check the weather before you dress your children for a funfilled day.

Did y’all experience an event like Oktoberfest? How was it? Where was it? Let me know, I would love to hear your fun time at Oktoberfest! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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