3yr Anni – Special kind of LOVE

For our 3 year anniversary, we didn’t do anything extravagant (we did exchange gifts and cards of course) because we were at the beginning of our pregnancy and I wasn’t up to do much. Although my hubby made it really special and got me some flowers and a beautiful balloon. He also ordered some pizza and watched a movie at home.
img_6720As our pregnancy progressed and I started feeling better (cravings) he took me out on dates (breakfast dates/lunch dates/dinner dates) and also cooked for me throughout the month.
img_7129Ladies, if you’re reading this short blog post of mine make sure you find a hubby that’ll treat you like a queen just cause, not only on special occasions.

What is one special memory that your other half did for you which made you appreciate them even more?
My answer: Our 3 year anniversary was a really special memory for ME, even though its suppose to be an US thing. Hubby showed me that he understood that changes my body and mind was going through in this pregnancy and was nothing but patient and kind.
Let me know what special moment you cant get over that you experienced. I would love to hear about it! LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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