Big ‘ol 30ish

Hau’oli La Hanau Hubby, if yall don’t know what the means you better check out my blog post Let’s Talk Hawaiian #7. Yup he’s 30ish oh gosh where has the time gone. I was looking at some old pictures of us celebrating his birthday for the first time I think it was his 28th bday (do the math and you’ll find out his actual age), wowzerz.

Time has changed us and where/how we celebrate birthdays lol! I guess we’re adulting pretty well!

The reason of sharing this post about hubbys bday is because of the location where it took place. I took him to The Skydome, such a beautiful restaurant.

We went for dinner so we can see the city of DC.
I definitely would want to go back during the day because by the looks of the pictures its just as beautiful. Oh and yes the restaurant spins in a circle, very cool! We made reservations through
Open Table, if you don’t have that app I recommend you download it, its so easy to make reservations (there is also some perks that come with that app).

By the end of the night, hubby was happy and content from his birthday dinner.

Did guys get to experience The Skydome Restaurant here in Arlington? Or have you been on one the spins like The Skydome? Let me know your experience I would love to hear about it! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA



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