Baby Update – 1st & 2nd Trimester

Hey guys this is the latest update in our pregnancy since my blog post WE’RE PREGNANT.

On August 15th 2018 we switched hospitals because we were told that we would be needing to go to doctors appointments more frequently now that we’re pregnant and it was also our 8 weeks appointment for us. We learned that while pregnant you have to keep yourself hydrated, so within the 1st and 2nd trimester I was dehydrated/dry-mouthed during sleeping hours. So it made it difficult for me to sleep through the night especially using the bathroom more than ever.
As weeks passed I noticed a slight pain and numbness from my lower back and down my legs. It hurt more when I would workout or walked around for a longtime. The pain started to increase majorly to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed on my own to use the bathroom, thankfully hubby didn’t mind helping me. Since the pain was crazy bad we brought it up to our doctor at our next appointment on September 4, 2018 at 11 weeks where she informed us that I was having Sciatica pain. Our doctor gave us a prescription for a SI-belt which helps with the pain and also told us that if the pain does not go away I would have to go to therapy, yikes! The SI-belt did help if I had to stand for a long period of time/walking/hiking. Although 5-10min after taking off the belt I would feel the pain once again and I did feel slightly worse. I started doing certain stretching that my doctor also recommended but I felt like it didn’t make anything better either. One day hubby and I was at 5below this fun store that we like to browse through, they have all sorts of stuff that cost $5 or less (hence the name). He was looking at the workout stuff and saw this Massage Roller thinking that maybe it would help alleviate the tension in my sciatica areas. And what’dya knowww it worked! Later that evening we used it and I could already tell the difference, theres something about it being a ball detects the pain better than a regular hand massage. Even though hubby said he “didn’t know it was going to work” he was lucky to have assumed the best because massaging me every night even if the pain didn’t go away was obviously taking a toll on him. Bless his heart. As thankful as we were about the subtle sciatica pain I noticed warmth and redness on my breast. TMI? oh wells this is my blog post and im telling it all! At our 15 weeks on Oct. 02, 2018 appointment we were happy to let her know that the pain didn’t increase so seeing a therapist was no longer needed. All was well with baby and baby’s heartbeat. We left that appointment with flying colors.
A week after that appointment I noticed a bit of redness on my breast. We assumed that it was just the growth and changes with my hormones so we didn’t call to make an emergency appointment.
When Nov 1st 2018 came around it was our 19 weeks appointment. We told our doctor about the redness and I was examined. She then told that it was Mastitis! Good gosh! Hubby and I was joking around with each other saying that we were expecting morning sickness/sensitive smell type of pregnancy symptoms but we were given other symptoms that we never heard of. After our doctor educated us and gave us information about it we were told that we have to take antibiotics. I was really uncomfortable about taking antibiotics while pregnant but I’m sure lots of pregnant mommies would feel the same way. The antibiotic that I took was called Dicloxacillin/Doxycycline, I had to take it 4 times a day for 10 days. After the 10 days it didn’t work right away so I was a little discouraged about being told that I would either have to take more or switch to a different medication. We still had sometime till our next visit with the doctor to give an accurate update.
On November 26th 2018 we had an appointment with Radiology to make sure all measurements with baby is in top shape and to find out the G E N D E R ! Buuuuut, we are not finding out ourselves because we will be going back home to Hawai’i for winter and also doing our gender reveal/baby shower that my mom and sister will be hosting. My sister is the only one that currently knows gender of our little babylove.
At our 24 weeks doctor appointment which was on December 3rd 2018 we followed up with our doctor about the mastitis which looks to be clearing up well, awesomeness! We also went over the measurements of the baby which also was full of awesomeness, woohoo! We informed our doctor that we will be heading home and if there was anything to worry about during our long trip on the plane. The only thing she mentioned to us was to stay extra hydrated and try to walk around every two hours on the plane to avoid any blood clots. Other than that we were cleared to go on our trip back home!
Currently we are a few days closer to being on a plane ride to Hawai’i and we will be visiting family and friends, eating the great food the at we miss, enjoying all the special holidays that are coming up and of course our Gender Reveal/Baby Shower! I will be updating my blog as much as I can during our trip just to keep y’all updated.
Any other mommies that went through crazy pregnancy symptoms? How did you handle it? I would love to know and share the experience with you! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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