Almost There – 3rd Trimester

So we are currently in our 3rd Trimester yayyyy and super excited. Meaning any day now! So here’s an update on how it all went:

Pregnancy Ball-it helped when I needed to stretch my back or just to help find that balance with baby being all up in there.
Prenatal- keeping up with my prenatal pills were a bit difficult in the beginning because it didn’t make me feel to good
Pelvic Pain-in my pelvic area I started feeling some type of stretching pain
Breast-it’s already huge size and it just got bigger and heavier I had to buy bigger bras/sports bras
Muscle Spasm-oh gosh this hurt the most I feel like, while sleeping my calves would tighten up and I wouldn’t be able to relax it, thankfully my hubby would calm me down and get me to relax because I would be in tears
Purple Journal-very helpful journal that our hospital provided for us, full of information and it made us want to keep up with the growth of myself and baby
Hubby being there every step of the way so far, im so lucky!
Sleeping– it got really hard for me to get out of bed, our bed it super soft and comfy but it didn’t help me during my pregnancy because I would just sink into the bed instead of having a firm mattress to help me up, but once again hubby didn’t mind me pushing against him to sit myself up so I can get off the bed, baby would move so much at night where it would be difficult for me to fall asleep, to the point where I would seriously sleep sitting up, sleep with lots of pillows, I didn’t get me a pregnancy pillow either during this pregnancy I didn’t fine with all of the pillows that I have although hubby isn’t a fan of it takes up to many space on the bed, towards the ending of the pregnancy I didn’t sleep long at all at night, maybe 5hrs at the most, but I would sleep during the day for a bit but it would prevent me from doing what I want during the day which is a bummer
Drool-wasn’t really a drooler before this pregnancy unless I was sick with a stuffy nose, but this pregnancy I would drool like there was no tomorrow
Snoring-seriously guys I didn’t snore before either, but this pregnancy I would scare myself and wake myself up because of me snoring, how crazy

Gestational diabetes- totally didn’t expect this either. It’s weird because that sugary drink spikes my blood sugar level lotsssss. I hope it’s just during my pregnancy and it doesn’t continue after my pregnancy because I really dislike poking my finger 4 times a day everyday

We are also expecting some of my family members to be here when baby is born. We are super excited and nervous at the same time. Me ke aloha –Simply Shana

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