He’s Finally Here!

Aloha everyone it’s been a while since I posted because we welcomed our baby into this world a bit earlier than we planned.

(My previous post was already drafted up so I decided to post it anyways for those who feel alone during their pregnancy with all the changes with their body…you’re not! I was right there with y’all)

Moving on with our most exciting blog post so far…our baby boy was born on March 15, 2019 at 3:04 8lbs 9oz and 21in. My expected due date was March 26.

So here’s our story: On March 13, 2019 we went in for our regular 38 week doctor appointment, after finally finding parking and walking to the last room in the doctors office to be seen I did my vitals as soon as I sat down…and what do you know my blood pressure was a tad bit high 134/93 which was a red flag so I was sent upstairs to the 5th floor “labor and delivery” so that the doctor/staff there can determine if they’ll be inducing me earlier than planned. As we walked through the labor and delivery doors I had a feeling that the next time I walk out these doors will be with our son, and I was right.

After waiting hours at a time and many different opinions about what we should do, to induce or not induce was the BIGGEST question so far this year, finally the doctor said I will be induced even though I really didn’t want to forcefully give birth if my body and baby wasn’t ready yet, I wanted the birth to happen naturally so I asked the doctor “what if I don’t want to get induced?” and she gave me the worst case scenario about my blood pressure being to high can cause me to have a seizure which could be life threatening to baby and myself, she also added in that I’ll be going against her medical advice if I don’t stay and be taken cared of. So with that being said the wait for our baby boy began. They hooked me up to all the monitors moved me from room to room because the sink wasn’t working properly. After getting settled in the room that I will be delivering in, they hooked me up and asked me if I can feel my contractions-I told them no and they said that I’ve been having it. Honestly guys every time they said I had a contraction the affect I had was me just being gassy lol!

As the day went on and me not dilating but having contractions they started with cytotec at 4pm and once again at 8:30pm still not feeling but continuing to have contractions. At around 10pm the same day the contractions started which is a good thing because that means we will start dilating although around 2am March 14, 2019 they checked to see how much I dilated and I haven’t yet so they did the next step to put in the bulb/balloon. After that the contractions came in hard, for a few hours I pushed through the contractions till it became unbearable and we called in the anesthesiologist for my epidural. At around 6am I was finally numb and feeling much better. I got some rest as well since being at the hospital since the 13th, as the day went on a became nauseous because of medication and changes in body. When 7pm came around our doctor and the nurses checked on me again to see how much I dilated which I haven’t dilated more then 5cm so I was given more medication and we had to wait another 4hrs to determine if they had to do a c-section if I haven’t dilated more.

At midnight on March 15th 2019 same routine with the docs and nurses came in to do their check up on me and guess what…we were dilating more so we were told within the next couple of hours our baby boy should be here! So everyone started prepping and things got more real now for us! We were almost to the finish line, we were hours away from being able to hold and kiss our baby boy! At 1:30am I started pushing, my hubby was there the whole time coaching, supporting, and loving me the whole time and after an hour and a half our stubborn little soldier was welcomed with the most love from us. Guyssssss, he didn’t cry at all but his eyes were wide open looking around just being a curious baby, they immediately gave him to me and I fell so in love him, as they cleaned and sucked out stuff from his mouth he then started to cry and it was the most beautiful sound that I’ve ever heard. Even though I was exhausted and tired I couldn’t get enough of him and to make everything more beautiful he latched on to me without any problems, I kept thinking OMG he’s such a great baby and I’m so blessed! My heart was filled with love and full with happiness. One thing that I learned is that even though you think you don’t need that support from a loved one during this intense time of your life, TRUST ME-YOU DO!!!! I swear if hubby wasn’t there I honestly don’t know if I could’ve done it, the feeling of such great support from him is unforgettable and that moment when I gave birth to our son I realized how incredible of a husband I have and I gained so much more love and respect for him that morning!

I loved that the hospital policy encourages one on one time for mom and baby, meaning they don’t take baby from you at all until they need to get his weight/height and skin to skin with daddy!

Our story doesn’t end yet either! After two hours of spending time and making sure everything was good with baby and myself we were wheeled to the Mother Baby Unit(MBU) other side of the hospital where the mommy’s recover and where the babies are monitored too. When the sun came up on baby boys birthday we still wasn’t sure of what to name him, we had a few in mind but didn’t want to rush either…I mean come on that’s the biggest and most important decision as parent to make for his life right?! That evening my awesome husband left to get me some grub since I could finally eat real food and not just ice chips (even though at the moment ice chips were like heaven to me), we ate loco moco, bento plate and poke with wontons from Hula Girl Bar and Grill, and apple pecan pie from Carlyle’s, bless his heart! He knows how to keep wowing me! We all slept good that night! img_9818

The whole day on March 16th we just loved up on our baby boy. We just cant enough of him.img_9839

Next day March 17th 2019 we were excited on being able to finally get released! But, after doing a few more medical tests on our baby boy we were told that he has jaundice and that they want to monitor him for another 24hrs. As parents we didn’t know what to expect or how to feel. When they talked to us on how he’ll be monitored and explained the blue light and our son needed his eyes covered, the actually having to see our son be in that condition for 24hrs with just a diaper on and no blanket was heartbreaking. We couldn’t even hold him for a long period of time, we also had to syringe feed him. That was so hard on us. We prayed and prayed and prayed for this to be over and that our baby boy pulls through.

When 6 o’clock Monday morning came around they said they were going to do another test to check on his jaundice levels, mind you it wasn’t a high level but even if it’s just one number over they take it just as serious as if it was way above the average number which we totally understand but we were so overwhelmed and felt hopeless because of our son going through many medical testing. By ‘testings’ they have to take him and make a cut on the bottom of his foot and squeeze out blood one drip at a time into this little vile. To brag more about my hubby he didn’t miss a beat on being with our son, he was literally there by his side when he left the room to do all his testings and even circumcision, he sure does have a beautiful soul! I can’t wait till he’s old enough to understand when I tell him how awesome daddy was when he was born. I know he’ll have so much of his dads traits in his heart and soul…oh and my strength! Being able to witness our son being such a strong and powerful baby during the 24hrs being monitored we knew just what to name our son (check out our blog post soon for his name and reason behind it). After lunchtime we were told that we were clear to leave! Oh gosh we were so relieved to hear those words we literally booked it out of the hospital and didn’t look back.

We finally got home safe and sound, and thanked God for our blessings in life. Oh and then nap time for us.

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post and stick around for his one month update post tomorrow. Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

*i know y’all are wondering…hmmm didn’t she already experience this with her other son, but the answer is no I didn’t, he was actually adopted and I think it’s a great time for me to write a blog post about it. but this is why our birth experience and our overall life is a bit unique*


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