Happy One Month

Yay! We are 1 month old. It’s been a challenge but we are getting on somewhat of a consistent schedule. We are also understanding what works and what doesn’t. This lil man of ours is such an awesome baby, and I know all parents say that about their babies but seriously guys he’s awesome in many ways, hard and easy. Our bundle of joy still cries, whines and only smile when he’s asleep, but he’s so perfect for us.

Our first week home as newbies to a newborn we were full of excitement to have him all to ourselves. We were soaking in that one on one time with our son till my mom and cousin arrived. I was really fortunate for my hubby to have 21 days of parental leave so he can stay home and be there with me and baby boy.img_9956

When my mom and cousin arrived we went on some adventures to show them around the DMV.


In the short amount of time that my mom was here, she helped a lot with other baby stuff I would need/come in handy that’ll make life a tad bit more easier for us and baby. My mom also gave me so much advice on being a mommy. I’ve never felt so close to my mom while being a mommy myself, its like a different kind of closeness that we have, she no longer views me so much as just her daughter but her daughter that’s a mommy now, I LOVE YOU MOM! (fyi my mom never flew on an airplane this far before, she traveled between the Hawaiian Islands which is like a 30-40 min flight and she traveled once to Las Vegas years ago which she couldn’t stand how long it was and that was before I was born. By her being here with us meant a whole lot more to us because of how scared/nervous she was but found her courage to fly so far to be with us.)

After my cousin and mom left, hubby went back to work as well, so it was just me and my lil man at home when hubby went to work and big brother went to school. It was pretty challenging at first but we went through the week perfectly fine! This little man changes every single day, he’s growing big and strong right before our eyes and we can’t do anything to slow time down. He’s 1 month y’all, it’s crazy fast how time goes by when you’re in love! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA

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