Birthday Behavior

….thirty flirty and thriving
….dirty thirty

However every newbie 30 year old portrays it, I think the best one yet is:


Yes I’m 30 and I honestly thought I was gonna have another breakdown just like when I entered my 20s and left my teen years behind. But I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt so good excepting 30! I looked back at how far I’ve come in life & all the blessing in it and there’s no doubt on how crazy happy I am!

Back to the juicy part of my birthday celebration…my bday was on Saturday May 4th so we started celebrating on Friday. Oh the times has changed on how I “celebrate”…maybe it’s finally time for me to be “adulting” (jusssst kidding). Anyways, on Friday we went to a drive-in theatre at the Union Market in DC. The movie that played was Dazed and Confused one of my favs. We got there at 6pm when the gates opened for us to park but the movie started around 8pm. So we had time to walk around the Union Market. It was so much fun! There are many different food and drink selection from many vendors. Out of all the vendors we chose to eat at Philly Wing Fry, I wish I got a pic but we demolished our Philly Wing Fry Box real quick!


The next day (the day of my birthday) all I wanted was to have a day at home with my little fam and relax as I soaked in my age. We ordered some yummy food and dessert from the one and only Hula Girl Bar & Grill and Carlyle. Same choice of food like my celebratory dinner after giving birth to my son.


On Sunday William decided to take me out for my birthday, just the two of us. He took me to my fav Mexican restaurant Chuys in Springfield and also got me flowers and made me a special birthday card.


To end my birthday weekend on a wonderful note it was great having my lil fam sing happy birthday to me.

I seriously can’t wait for what my 30s has in store for me. I’m looking forward to it and I’m super excited. BRING IT ON! Me ke aloha -SIMPLY SHANA


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