13 month old living in a pandemic

Hey All, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! A little update with us…we are all doing good and praying very hard over everyone that needs it. Since we still live in an apartment building the chances for us getting sick has heightened if we roam around or even use the elevators. Although it is a small apartment, we are grateful to have such a beautiful view overlooking the golf course. Hanging out on our balcony is the only outside time we get but we still need to be careful if others are out there.

45 degrees 04/15/2020 balcony chillin in his new boots

Our 13 month old loves to walk everywhere. He is so curious and observant which amazes us. He is 32 inches and 29 pounds. He is also independent and strong willed when it comes down to what he wants/needs. We all cant wait for the day when we can play at the park, go shopping at target, eat at restaurants and have family visits again.

Curious Boy already opening doors

To my sweet boy, while we go through this pandemic because of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 we will try our best to keep you safe and out of harms way. I know you are young and dont understand whats going on but when you are older you will be thankful how much effort we as your parents and everyone else at this time did to stay safe. But we will get through this and have such an exciting future. Hopefully it’s in our plan from Ke Akua to walk along this path that we have in mind to better our future as a family.
Patience is key and lots of prayers for family, friends and everyone in this world.
We will all get through this tough time. love you sweet son, xo-mommy

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