31 & Blessed

I woke up around 7am and enjoyed the quietness of our new house. I cuddled with my sweet baby boy as I looked out of our bedroom windows at our trees in the backyard. Seeing the sun shining through the trees and into our room brings such a magical feeling of happiness.

It’s always bittersweet when you’re an adult and you gain another year of life to your age chart. But guys turning 31 seems even more amazing then the rest of my birthdays. We bought a house in Maryland and it’s worth every penny and every signature. I’ve experienced so much in my life and I’m so excited to see what’s next. No one ever likes bumps in the road but life would be a boring story without them. For example this house isn’t perfect nor is it new but when we saw this house we just knew. After looking at multiple homes and and back and forth offers being denied we were on the edge of giving up. We prayed every day and understood what Ke Akua already has for our path and this beautiful home came along. All it took was lots of patience and prayers to lead us in the right direction. All in all we are thankful to be out of the apartment we called home and be in the house with a backyard. Watching our baby boy run around the yard, play in the grass and just be such a natural nature boy was the most heartwarming moment. We do live in a subdivision and have neighbors but you wouldn’t even think we did. I mean with all this social distancing thing could be the cause of it but we were told that everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. Anyways I’m going to blog about our house when it is completely done which would probably be the at the end of this year (we are waiting for Black Friday) but in the meantime you’ll probably see more of the outside/backyard/projects on the blog. Other than that vacations will be put on hold and lots of catching up on other blog postings that I must do.

Since we are still social distancing and restaurants are closed we’ll be having a mini bday party here at the new house (another blog post).


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