A gift from 4,844 miles away

Last night was amazing my hubby came home with a beautiful surprise of flowers, balloon, birthday cake and gifts.

My sweet husband making my day special for me after a long day of work!

Super blessed and grateful for him and all that he does to make me feel special on my birthday.

My mom also called him to arrange dinner delivered to us from her (she’s in Hawaii). We got Longhorn Steakhouse for my birthday dinner which was delicious. I was so surprised by that amazing thought from my mom.

My dad (also in Hawaii) never missed a birthday of mine without singing happy birthday. That’s something I always look forward to.

That bunny pic I posted in yesterday’s blog hung out all day in our backyard so that was sweet nature gift.

Lots of birthday wishes and texts from my friends and family. As much as I wish I could be back in Hawaii and have a bbq with all of them I’m just thankful for the love and support that I have from every single one of them. I’m always and forever grateful for my growing family that I have with me every single day and of course good health.

31 wow guys… seriously I can’t believe how time flies I still remember camping at the beach with family, and the feeling of my first day of school…now I’m a home owner and a mommy, life is such a journey.

I hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and humorous. Life is beautiful no matter what your situation may be. Head up, head strong.


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