Never Felt More Patriotic

Happy Birthday America!

So I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I was never a fan of playing with fireworks/firecrackers. I do think they’re pretty in a show from afar but I really never enjoyed the close up loud noise, smoke, and smell of it.

Since we moved to a new house we don’t have the need to really go anywhere because we got what we wanted, which is literally to chill at home and bbq. Being in an apartment where barbecuing isn’t really ideal we grew to be thankful for the space that we have now.

I’m so happy to have a home where we can decorate. This year because of us finally being able to enjoy being home I decided decorate our home. I always loved having an excuse to decorate during holidays or special occasions. So patriotic I went. Thank you to hobby lobby for their sale!

Brian was so happy to barbecue again. Putting his barbecue to work. We were also surprised on how much food was left at the grocery store too. We got some steak, rack of ribs, pork and lamb. I also made a chip dip and a USA flag Poke Cake to celebrate America’s Birthday! Today was such a fun day with our little ohana (family). Boys played with chalk, bubbles, and balloons. We got to watch the fireworks on tv live in dc which was fun.

Here’s the recipe for the USA Flag Poke Cake and Chip Dip

USA Flag Poke Cake super easy, fun to make and of course yummy!

Chip Dip this is a recipe for a 7 layer dip but you can make it your own way. As for me I don’t like olives so I took that out. I only used refried beans, sour cream, fresh guacamole, sprinkle cheese, salsa, green onions and white onions.

I know there’s a lot going on in the world today so I hope everyone keeps peace within themselves, continue to be happy and seek only positivity in each other.

Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day 2020.


Comment or message me on how you all celebrated 4th of July.

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